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Running a business can be a delicate balance between investing in your business and not waste a single euro. Hiring a digital marketing or SEO agency like Naevias may seem unnecessary for some, but the truth is that by taking advantage of our unique SEO services, you can save money and at the same time increase your sales.

We are the digital marketing and SEO agency in the Netherlands and we are very proud to develop tailor-made solutions for the digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) of our customers, entrepreneurs throughout the Netherlands.

Our goal is to help you and your company realize the findability, recognition, and growth you deserve. Because your website ranks higher in Google and because we build a sustainable and fundamental base, we are able to achieve and maintain lasting results.

At Naevias SEO we use the latest techniques and strategies in the field of internet marketing and SEO. This allows us to increase your online findability in several important areas. Search engines and social media are the 2 biggest examples of this.

Our company values are part of our DNA and form the core of everything we do and how we serve our customers with our internet marketing and SEO. They are our rock in the surf and serve as a guide for our way of working.

These include:

  • To serve clients with integrity;
  • Providing services from the highest quality;
  • Helping to archieve targeted goals;
  • To deliver exceptional SEO services, every time.

Does your company need more customers?

Here is a look at a few of our favorite reasons to optimize your website with our proven SEO strategies.

Naevias SEO agency Netherlands: the best way to improve your number of visitors in search engines

When a person is interested in finding a particular service or product, it usually starts with a search engine such as Google. Search engines are used for almost 90% of internet traffic. To ensure that your website is seen by more than a handful of people, make sure that your websites are visible in those search engines.

This means that you have to be on top of the first page for the keywords that relate to your company. You can help the process by making it easier for search engines to find your page. A technique called search engine optimization or SEO in short.

This means that you must come on top of the first page for the keywords that relate to your business. You can help the process by making it easier for search engines to find your page. A technique called search engine optimization or SEO in short.

businessman looking at a clock with a red clock-hand

“SEO is a time-consuming process and requires a long time of discipline and perfection”

In our SEO company in the Netherlands, efficiency is one of the most important issues and time is no exception. In order to deliver what we promise, our team of SEO experts has developed an exceptional form after long research. With our “discovery form,” it is no longer necessary to meet you in person and we can still get to know your company and understand your goals, challenges, and ambitions. After you have completed our filtering process, we discuss your requirements to get a clear picture of what you want to achieve as a company and how we can help you.
Some business owners want to improve their visibility in search engines by ranking at the top of Google, while others want to improve targeted lead generation, website stickiness, and lead conversion rate. We, as SEO agency the Netherlands, have the knowledge and experience to achieve this for you.

Once we have a good understanding of your business goals, our team works strategically and coherently with you to develop a customized SEO optimization plan that delivers targeted results. The perfect combination of our practical experience in the industry, unparalleled expertise, SEO knowledge and insight into the developments in the industry, enables us to create an internet marketing plan with a proven mix of effective strategies (on-site and offsite) which also comply with industry regulations and the terms of service of search engines such as Google.

How we achieve our promises and you rank higher in Google

We, at Naevias, promise you success, but not today or tomorrow. Because we do not support or encourage the use of Black Hat SEO strategies, it takes longer for us to achieve success. But the success that is ultimately achieved is many times more sustainable than that of black hat SEO strategies. These strategies are illegal and are penalized by search engines.
Because we strive to ensure the integrity of our customers, we only use the White Hat SEO strategies because we want the best for your business. We want our customers to flourish the digital landscape with a sustainable competitive advantage.

From strategy choice to keyword analysis, plan implementation and monitoring of the performance of the implemented strategies, we help you every step of redefining your online business success.
With us, you can increase your online market share and compete successfully. We offer comprehensive and complete SEO services that not only help you improve your online visibility, but also attract, connect and convert target audiences to real buyers and loyal customers.

Regardless of the size or branch of your company, we extend our services to everyone. So whether you are a startup who wants to create an online presence or a fortune 500 company that is struggling to stimulate sales via the internet, they all offer us the opportunity to be an extension of your team and together with you new heights reach. Use our tailor-made SEO services to get higher in Google and other search engines. As a result, you will shoot your competition as a spear!

We at Naevias Digital Marketing & SEO have developed a unique strategy with which we outplay the competition. With SEO it is after all the case that not the one who works the hardest gets the reward but the one who works the smartest. Of course, we do not just give away our strategy, but here you have a little behind-the-scenes look at how Naevias SEO specialists approach an SEO campaign.

What people say about us

  • Elias Aidoudi is a personalized and efficient search engine marketer. He takes an excellent approach in making sure the client is happy. He provides a comfortable and suiting environment for clients willing to take the next step and increase their sales revenue. I would recommend Elias to anyone looking to boost their business.

    Colin Osborne
    Colin Osborne Marketing Entrepreneur
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